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Turmeric Research Centre and Direct Export Consultancy

Erode being the main producer of turmeric, setting up a Turmeric Research Centre at Vadugapatti, Arachallur will keep us updated about the latest trends in turmeric production. The Direct Export Consultancy will keep the turmeric producers in direct touch with buyers in the foreign market. Altogether this will take us a step ahead in turmeric...

Constructing barrages across Kurangan Pallam

With farming being the major occupation in our constituency, it is vital to increase the underground water table. One of the best ways to do so is by constructing barrages across Kuragan Pallam that will hold and store water. With more water, farmers shall reap the best.

Electricity supply for all farmers

Modern agricultural equipment that runs on electricity, reduces the manual workload on farmers and thereby increases productivity. It also adds to the efficiency of storage, water management and many more. With all these benefits it is significant to have such machineries in the farms. This is why we ensure that each farmer in Modakurichi has...

Annual subsidy for farmers

Aiding farmers financially is one of the biggest solutions to the larger problem, especially in difficult times like flood, drought, etc. An annual agricultural subsidy of Rs.7500 for farmers in our constituency will be provided so as to avoid any financial blockage/challenges. Let agriculture bloom for our tomorrows to be bright.

MSP for rice and sugarcane

Minimum Support Price (MSP) set by the government ensures a profitable harvest for farmers, even during tough times like floods, drought, lockdowns, inflation, etc. Our constituency comprises farmers (at the most), therefore it is our responsibility to support them.

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