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Tailoring coaching and business guidance for women

Empowering women through skill development is the need of the hour. With more scope for women in the fashion industry, tailoring coaching shall help them learn a skill which will lead to financial independence. So, setting up tailoring coaching centres and also giving them business guidance will make women successful entrepreneurs.

Two-wheelers at subsidized rates for working women

Two-wheelers at subsidized rates for women assists them in travelling to their workplaces or educational institutions, even when it’s a bit far. This motivates many women to get educated and then start working, thereby increasing their standard of living. Women can commute to their dreams without finding distance a challenge.

Government Arts College for Women at Sivagiri

A government educational institution just for women will encourage them to continue their education. This will further lead to better knowledge and job opportunities. Women will begin to stay financially independent and will strive to improve their skills in various fields.

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