Corona Screening Centre at Nanjai Uthukuli

May 22, 20210

Corona Screening Centre at Al-Ameen Engineering College, Nanjai Uthukuli was inaugurated by Dr. C K Saraswathi (MLA, Modakurichi) on May 13, 2021, for those people who tested COVID positive in and around Modakurichi and Kodumudi. Modakurichi Union Committee Chairman, Mr. Ganapathy, Modakurichi Union ADMK Secretary, Mr R P Kathirvel also participated in this inaugural event. Former Modakurichi MLA, Mr A C Balakrishnan, BJP District Head, Mr Sivasubramaniam, Modakurichi Tahsildar, Mr Sankarganesh, Regional Development Officers, Mr Sivasankar and Mr Ramesh, Union Committee Deputy Chairman, Mr Mayil A Subramani, Kullur Panchayat President, Mr Selvaraj, Dr Sukumar and Dr Saranya, and Nanjai Uthukuli Panchayat Vice-President, Mr Paramasivam, all participated in this event. The functionality of this Screening Centre was explained by Modakurichi Regional Medical Officer, Mr Elango and Kodumudi Regional Medical Officer, Mr Meganathan.

In regards to this, Mr Elango said, “The spread of COVID second wave is fast and huge in our country. At present, Corona testing is being conducted in all the Primary Health Centres. Not all patients who tested positive for COVID-19 are fighting the severe battle. Some patients suffer from mild Corona infection, while others suffer from 50% Corona infection. There are also patients who are affected with 90% Corona infection. However, all these patients are sent to the Perundurai Government Medical College Hospital for treatment. In the current scenario, as not all can be treated with the limited medical resources, the Tamil Nadu government has instructed to categorise patients into different groups based on their level of infection and then give appropriate treatment to each group. Based on this instruction, people tested Corona positive will be sent to the Corona Screening Centre at Al-Ameen Engineering College, Nanjai Uthukuli to know the severity of the infection.

People with mild COVID infection will be advised to self-quarantine in their homes. Those who stay with joint families and can’t afford to self-quarantine themselves or have no access to private rooms and bathrooms will be sent to the corona ward at Kongu Arts and Science College, Nanjanapuram, Erode. COVID positive patients who are in need of oxygen supplies will be taken to the hospital at Perundurai and will be treated as per the doctor’s instructions. Our District Collector will monitor all these actions and will ensure the availability of appropriate beds and medical supplies for all.”

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