Ensuring Road Safety at Modakurichi Main Road

May 21, 20210

A road accident was reported today at Modakurichi Main Road, where Saravanan, who was riding the two-wheeler, died on the spot. Dr C K Saraswathi (MLA, Modakurichi) rushed to the spot on being informed. She surveyed the accident spot and requested the Police Department to take necessary actions by setting up medians for the prevention of such accidents in the future.

Saravanan was a resident of Govindanaicken Palayam (Modakurichi) and worked as a driver at a private Cattle Field Factory in Nanjai Uthukuli. The accident happened when Saravanan, heading towards his factory, tried to cross the road at Unjapalayam and was run down by a cattle feed lorry heading towards Erode from Modakurichi. It is reported that the fully loaded lorry capsized during the collision.

Dr C K Saraswathi visited the accident spot and inquired the cause of the accident. She then requested the Police Department to ensure that necessary precautionary measures are taken to avoid such accidents in the upcoming days. She also suggested they place medians to increase road safety.

The Modakurichi Police sent the body for post-mortem and started investigating the case.

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